Whining Cat Blues

“I don’t own a cat. My cat owns a human.” (Jarod Kintz)

A most challenging kind of travel in my experience would have to be the experience of moving. I especially feel empathy for domestic pets who must relinquish their accustomed territories to be “dragged along the way” so to speak. Fittingly then, a close elderly family member of mine moved this week from the spacious environment of her three bedroom house with adjoining yard to the intimate confines of a one bedroom unit in an independent living facility. The following poem thus written below expresses my observations of her outdoor cat, Molly, as she ponders the anticipated disruptions to her life on the morning of this impending move.

Whining Cat Blues

Amber Eyes Stare Sadly So Dazed By Confusion
Untamed By Boxed Madness So Far From Home
No Chance To Chase Lizards In Paralyzed Panic
Bird Prey In Mocked Chase It Seems I Am Grounded

How Dare You Cold Cage Me With No Place To Hide?
Run Swift In Vined Shadows I Must Ever Roam Wild,
Splattered Rain In Pooped Pathway No Litter I Mind
As Long As You Leave Me Free Reign To Outside

Where Can I Sleep As Cat Comfort Confines?
I’m Tired Of Playing Hear My Wickedest Whines

7 thoughts on “Whining Cat Blues

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  1. I wrote a response to this but it didn’t go through… anyhow, I’ll start again, this was a very touching blog. As a cat lover, a cat owner, and a senior citizen who has downsized, I can relate. I loved your poem. But don’t worry, the kitty will adjust as long as she is loved. All creatures learn to adjust to change. At least she’s not caged up in a shelter.


    1. Happy New Year Leslie. Molly slowly sniffs her way around my mother’s compact quarters. The main objective is that she provides unconditional companionship for her.


  2. I totally agree. She was always skittish and never liked men. So I know she will adjust better to a smaller place with relatively one noises other than Alexa and tv.


  3. Awww, lovely and touching poem. We moved from Jacksonville, FL to the Atlanta area about 5 years ago. And from a moderately sized house with
    a large enclosed backporch to an apartment. Our 17 year old feline adjusted much better than I thought she would. She explored and sniffed everything and laid down for a nap. I believe animals adjust easier than humans in some circumstances.


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