Gimme Jimmy Again

“I want the people to understand my character, my weaknesses, the kind of person I am.” (Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Remark)

We headed north through Central Georgia on the 4th day of our road trip. As a history buff, I looked forward to blogging about the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center/Library in Atlanta, Georgia. During Carter’s Presidency, I vividly recall admiring Jimmy’s calm and studious manner of dealing with the “Iranian Hostage and Energy Crises then under political pressure. More recently, I followed with great interest his humanitarian efforts with “Habitat For Humanity” to build affordable housing for needy families in the United States and around the world. I thus composed a brief poem below hoping to (1) recharge my fond memories of his Presidency as depicted at the Carter Center and (2) better cope with today’s ugly political times.


Gimme Jimmy Again

Gimme A Chief Who Radiates A Warm Smile
Not A Villain Who Spews His Venomous Vile
Gimme A Master Who Works Humbly For All
Not A Blowhard Who Serves Self Egoist Call

Gimme A Wizard Who Believes In Truthful Acts
Not A Humbug Who Plays Loose With Firm Facts
Gimme A Scholar Who Aspires To Mindfully Learn
Not A Fool Whose Brain Rots In Tweetful Spurn

Stand Tall My Sweet Sage For In You I Envision
A Leader Who Acts With Sound Heart And Mind Mission










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  1. Love the poem!!! And miss the days when a president was somebody you could look up to, a man of dignity, not one you have to run your kids out of the room whenever he’s on television!


      1. True, and I keep thinking of the silly little things they were up in arms over when Obama was in office, like the fact that he wore a beige-coloured suit one time. And remember how incensed they were over Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress, and now they have a First Lady who was a nude model! Double standard? Nah, of course not!

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