Pure College Town Appeal

“Oxford is not just a town with a great college like Ole Miss, it is a city that Ole Miss alumni thrive in.” (Jamie Bodiford)

Amidst the red clay hills of Northern Mississippi lies Oxford, Mississippi, a quintessential college town experience. At “Ole Miss”, as the university there is commonly called, we would thus find good reason to make a two day stopover on day 6-7 of our road trip. Picture a tranquil setting of traditional academic pursuit on a historically antebellum campus in Oxford, surrounded by “grand” edifices along a spaciously centralized green, – “The Grove.” Or imagine sauntering along a quaint downtown square close by campus to sample independent book stores, quirky cafes, and “offbeat”souvenir shops reminiscent of a mid-19th century setting. You might even step into the world here of a legendary Oxford figure who once enjoyed the stimulating intellectual ambience here as we did on this visit. Please notice then my depiction of such thoughts in my photos below.

“ Spring Break” on campus – An eerily quiet walk





Several landmarks of historic interest caught our attention on our visit.






Our “Old Town Visit” evoked time-travel images of old southern past




We shared a light lunch at a local tavern



We pondered the genius of William Faulkner at  “Rowan Oak” Estate and his conspicuous gravesite nearby.





6 thoughts on “Pure College Town Appeal

  1. Beautiful campus! The town almost looks like the town that time left behind. And whatever that was on your lunch plate made my mouth water! Thank you for allowing me to join you for a few short minutes! Looking forward to the next stop!


      • I am indeed encouraged by that! I know they used to be … well remember long, late philosophical discussions back in my college days. But, I was afraid that in this day and age, much had changed, especially in the deep south. Enjoy Arkansas!


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