“ Great War” On Full Display

“We cherish too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led
It seems to to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies”
(Moina Michael – 1915 Poem – Response To “In Flanders Field” )

As a former history teacher, I am always eager to restudy the past firsthand in my travels. Clearly, the National World War I Museum and Memorial would thus satisfy my “authentic history” standard on an afternoon visit to Kansas City, Missouri on day twelve of our road trip. For my two hour tour of its west and east galleries would well document the destructive horrors this 1914- 1919 conflict in a personalized manner. An audio tour headset proved practical on this visit as well as I listened intently to each numbered exhibit along the way. Other gems of this museum included Memory Hall and a panoramic look at greater Kansas City along the outdoor patio walls. Take a look at my favorite photos below.

The architecture of the museum and surrounding grounds provided an impressive visual display.

Amassing support for a wartime effort required powerful propaganda efforts.

Millions of lives were lost in the stalemate of trench warfare along the Western European battle line.

New weapons of modern warfare brought mass casualties on the battlefield.

Here are some memorable quotes about the nightmares of war that filled the galleries.

Notice the map/mural studded walls of war torn Europe along Memory Hall.

Our captivating view of Kansas City from the patio balcony on this frigid afternoon.


After our museum visit, my wife and I enjoyed a birthday feast at nearby Jack Stacks Barbecue – Freight House.

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  1. With the recent 100th anniversary’s of WWI- it was good to see it getting some attention. Great pictures. If in the KC area again this museum is at the top of my list. Great pictures!


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