Vibrant Energy Of Cliffside California

“You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast.”(Katy Perry)

Can you imagine what your life would like if you experienced the freedom to fly as a seagull? Yes, I do envy the powers of bird flight as I gaze over a Central California coastal environs on our road trip dotted by inaccessible spots of wonder that only an adventurous seagull might reach. As a gull, I would certainly experience no fear of height when perching precariously on a jagged cliff above the crashing surf below. Or perhaps by posing proudly on an offshore rocky shoal, I would feel empowered about keeping my distance from the human predators staring at me on the distant shore. With the vast ocean as my trusting friend, my magical wings could also carry me along with great efficiency to find plentiful feeding grounds in the blue waters below.

Of course as I am merely human, a gull reincarnation in my next life will have to wait. Instead, I’ve been willing and able to slow down our road trip now to absorb the positive energy of California oceanside from a safe vantage point ashore. Along the famed Pacific Coast Highway, I thus cautiously drive my vehicle around Big Surs’ tortuous curves into panoramic bliss where mountain meet the sea. At Morro Bay, I gape in awe at a giant rock protruding from the ocean as multitudes of seagulls, squirrels and sea otters playfully gather nearby. Then it’s on to Montana de Oro State Park near the small town of Los Osos for a curious walk nearest cliff edge to obtain breathtaking views of a cove shrouded bay. So join me in my humbly human ways as I present the following photographic display of wild nature’s glory.

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