Nature’s Distancing Does Matter

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. “ (Albert Einstein)

As the Presidential election in November, 2020 nears, America remains deeply divided about the seriousness of the Corona pandemic problem. In this fictional account, I reveal how the wonders of “Mother Nature” might offer some fresh insight for those skeptics who continue to believe that “social distancing” now does not matter.

On a typically overcast, late afternoon during the current Corona pandemic, President Maxwell Limore, again spurned the idea of covering his face or practicing social separation from others. For his weekend agenda at his vast beachfront estate would be highlighted by a mask-less golf game followed by a crowded, face to face chat in the resort club with his favored, fund raising cronies. If only he had observed more mindfully the importance of physical distancing as he casually glanced at the  growths of his “ Live Oak” trees lining the fairways of his extraordinary golf course property.

So as our executive leader shanked his drives from the tee into the “rough” on three of the first eight holes, his face scowled at the prospect of hitting partially obstructed shots behind these mighty tree specimens. As a competitive golfer, most assuredly he would plan his next golf swings on these three holes as he eyed any gaps between tree branches to the green. Yet he would not comprehend that those natural distances between trees largely determined why the dense foliage adjacent to these fairways made his golf course so beautifully alive here. For a great many of the surrounding plant species in this vicinity would have benefited by the added sunlight to circulate more oxygen from photosynthesis as a result of the physical separation in these trees. So why was our fearless leader at this pivotal moment losing his focus on golf then to complain wildly to others in his entourage? Most likely, I imagine, he would be seething then about the latest lawsuit currently proceeding against him by a “Go-Green” advocate neighbor whose alleged litigation accused the President of building his golf course on “beachfront protected” land.

President Limore’s opportunity to observe the distancing of tree space was also wasted on hole nine that day when he simply chose to ignore his errant tee shot into these oaks and instead play his game with a newly placed golf ball along the “fairway”. Yet if he had actually taken the time to walk toward the actual location of this shot, he might have noticed another natural benefit provided to his golf course. For disease carrying trails of insect and their destructive leaf eating habits would become less of a problem on his golf course amid nature‘s physical separation of trunks/branches from tree from tree. Yet our fearless leader questionably chose in that error- filled moment to spot an easier cheat shot to the green.

With the weather growing increasingly stormy that day as he teed up for hole ten, our chronically distracted President recalled the landscape damage to his golf course during hurricane season the previous summer. Yet his memories about the destruction of this calamity would fail to acknowledge the positive impact of his trees being physically distanced in space from each other. For this natural phenomenon likely had lessened  the wind damage to his golf course greenery from flying twig and branch collisions. Of puzzling concern as well at this moment of past hurricane reflection, why would he instead be boasting to others then that dying his hair black or blonde would improve his prospects for re-election to the Presidency?

So as the winds picked up at 5:00 pm. with an imminent thunderstorm approaching on the “back nine” of the course, a suddenly concerned President Limore would hustle away with his entourage from the 10th hole tee to the seemingly safer confines of a nearby tent canopy. Without warning then, a lightning bolt would shoot rapidly down from the sky and violently strike an empty picnic table situated no more than three feet from the President’s current standing position. As our great leader cringed with ego filled fear for his own safety amid the smoke filled air, he would suddenly recognize for the first time in his reality show Presidency that social distancing vitally mattered. If you desire to know more about the benefits of tree separation, known as “Crown Shyness”, I urge you to watch the You Tube video below.

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  1. JoAnn: I thought you might want to weigh in on this blog. Carl Hiasson’s latest book, “Squeeze Me” has inspired me to write in a similar manner of political. sarcasm. Feel free to send it to others who might have interest in your world. Next week we start another U.S. road trip Stay well.


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