Pondering A Wanderlust Lifestyle?


“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” (Saint Augustine)

Are you feeling a persistent urge to “get out and about” these days amid the continuing crisis of the Corona pandemic lockdown? In fact, clear evidence has accumulated that there lies a genetic component in those who possess such “Wanderlust” predispositions in their day to day existence. Perhaps you then would like to shed some light on how deeply the “spirit of travel” urge runs within your soul. So I have added a live poll below for you to complete in order for you to obtain a rough idea of your “Wanderlust” intensity and how your results compares with other readers who have likewise completed this survey . It’s likely that the more yes responses you select, the stronger your “Wanderlust” compulsion. For more information about the scientific explanation of “Wanderlust”, click on the following link.

12 thoughts on “Pondering A Wanderlust Lifestyle?

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  1. We would love to get and about. We live close to most of our favorite places so we’re going to take some day trips and enjoy the scenery before it gets too wintry.


      1. Yes, we are in north Georgia and enjoy Helen, Georgia and Blue Ridge, Georgia. We’ve visited both cities for several years and even considered moving to Blue Ridge. I think you would enjoy both cities if you have seen them.


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