Georgia Deserves Full Attention. (Pt.II)

“There’s always something in Atlanta that’s so far from people’s comfort zone.” (Metro Boomin)

If you are looking for a place that combines the “cool” spirit of modern day, multistory life in a big city amid creative designs of urban open space, then Atlanta, Georgia seems to be your kind of place. Yet would Ruth and I want to live here ? Probably not as we no longer desire to push beyond our suburban “comfort zone” to stay continually “buzzed” by the frenzy of faster living conditions evident in Midtown and Buckhead Atlanta’s, densely occupied, urban core.

Yet Ruth and I can continue to appreciate Atlanta’s progressive spirit in “walkabouts” downtown from a touristic perspective. Regrettably, however, these two South Floridian residents felt it impractical to brave the cold weather to amble outside today. Instead we chose more prudently to tour the modernistic galleries of the “High Museum of Art” for a morning dose of Atlanta’s “avant garde” energy vicariously in warmer inside conditions. Ruth also experienced an extra dose of serendipitous enjoyment today as she surprised her friend’s son with a quick wave as he worked at the “High” Art Museum as one of the assistant directors filming a popular television show, “The Resident” that day. Join us in feeling that heavy dose of urban creative energy we experienced from core Atlanta indoors in the photograph set below.

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  1. I was so excited to be able to wave to Johnny while we were there. He’s an amazing young man and his mom, Lesley, is one of my best friends!


    1. I am so happy that you and Ruth enjoyed your time in Atlanta. And how fabulous that Ruth and Johnny got to connect. That’s the best! I know he was thrilled! Johnny is actually an assistant director on the show not a producer. (Maybe one day)!
      Yes Atlanta is pretty terrific. You should try downtown Decatur for less traffic and a charming, quaint time. I visited when the weather was warm but I know how cold it can get! Brrr. The art museum is lovely. And the homes and landscape reminded me of Ohio.
      I’m so excited that Ruth got to see Johnny! I’m literally still smiling! 😍


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