Dreams Awaken Travel

“ The best dreams happen when you are awake.” (Cherie Gilderbloom)

Do you ever wonder how one’s dreams in deep sleep feel wondrously real at pivotal moments in life? For if such a subconscious mindset persists over time, doesn’t one need to take some kind of logical followup action? Thus, it’s been been no surprise that I’ve been spending much of my idle leisure time in August going through my more than 19,000 travel photos, looking for what I’ve missed the most in travel during these severely COVID impacted years. Surely, I’m proud that we’ve spent the bulk of our vacation time healthily completing long distance road trips on at least six occasions across the United States from 2020 -2022. Yet it seems significant as well that I’ve been dreaming each night that those accustomed cruise adventures and independent jaunts from country to country appear notably absent during that same COVID period.

So in the photo set below, I’m displaying a series of our past travel images that put some action ideas in my head to follow my dreamscape. For we anticipate that soon we will no longer be limited by this strictly domestic travel agenda. In this regard, our strong desire persists to re-discover that slower pace of self guided touring out of our country unburdened by long distance drives and tight scheduled road trip movements. Spend aimless “quality time”with old friends. Wait patiently for a “Eurail” train to arrive. Take a pleasant walk to nowhere. Engage in curious conversation with a local stranger. Take a window shop stroll to observe unusual artwork. Watch falling leaves on a park bench. Amble along a cobblestone street. Lounge lazily by the open water on a sunny cruise deck. All of these spontaneous travel activities I recognize as pleasing restorative change for us in these hopefully post COVID times.

North Atlantic Ocean Cruise – 2017
Jaipur, India – 2017
Paris, France – 2017
Mediterranean Cruise – 2017
Rome, Italy – 2018
Alsace Lorraine Region, France – 2018
Montreux, Switzerland – 2018
Paris, France , 2018
St. John’s, Newfoundland – 2018
Cozumel, Mexico – 2018
Cozumel, Mexico – 2018
Saint Johns, New Brunswick Canada – 2019
Quebec City, Canada -2019
Martha Brae River, Jamaica – 2019
Milan, Italy – 2018

12 thoughts on “Dreams Awaken Travel

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had some amazing travel experiences and memories. While I’ve enjoyed exploring more of my home province during the pandemic, there’s only so much camping I can handle. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery and to experience a different culture. Hopefully you’re able to start exploring further afield soon.


  2. Hello James 🙂 thank you very much for keeping faith in my blog alive 🙂 I have recently moved to new city and got a new job… so was very busy with that. Pandemy did not help either. I have so many plans, but with new work… it needs to wait a bit 🙂 How about yourself? Any plans for a far journey?


  3. Hello Anna:

    It’s nice to hear from one of my longest blog followers. I get it about work consuming one’s life as it once did likewise for me. We are trying to get back to Europe next year but dates are unknown. In the meantime, we road trip away when we can. Happy Travels. Jim


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