Cruise Space Perceptions

“Let me sail the open sea. To breathe the warm and salty air and dream of things to be.”( Erica Billups).

After two years of pandemic stirred madness, USFMAN and his wife Ruth sailed off from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades passenger terminal on a cool and sunny Saturday afternoon.

So with the itinerary calling for two days of lingering on board our ship as we set out southeast along the Caribbean basin, I took time to display photographs below of some physical space variations that may impact our enjoyment of this vacation below

Notice as well that our cruise schedule calls for six consecutive island landings in the coming days. So I look forward to presenting my next blog about each of these destinations when our next sea days happen at the end of the week.

Upon entering our South Florida cruise terminal, my most immediate impression can be best described as a noisy center of industrial activity occurring within a densely packed area.
But upon departing from our narrow port channel, I feel drawn to the silent vastness of open seas which I will encounter in the days ahead.
I envision there will be plenty of occasions that will call for me to gather together with people in mass.
But I’d rather separate myself from the crowd on our cabin balcony to enjoy “yin”related solitude.
This cruise provides ample opportunity to pack more souvenirs bought into my suitcases that will serve as mere mementos of this past travel experience.
Or perhaps it really boils down now to whether I can follow my wife’s simple plan to carry only a backpack which contain only those essential travel items that she immediately needs.
I might choose to take up more space with an expanding belly by just lazily sitting around and indulging in  the unlimited enticements of food, alcohol, and beverages surrounding me.
But I would rather tone down the physical broadness of my body by allotting plenty of useful time in the spa and exercise area.
My busy mind seems accustomed to finding the quickest path to my cabin along those narrow corridors below the ship.
But my inner being calls for slowing down on the wide open deck when possible to breathe in some fresh air.

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