Any Island Won’t Do

” Best of an island is once you get there. You can’t go any further… you’ve come to the end of things…” (Agatha Christie)

The thought of touring eight beautiful islands in the Caribbean Basin in retrospect last week seemed so much more to me than a pleasant tourist adventure. For in my view, there’s a bit of self therapy reasoning to visit each of these places. The following original poem thus envisions how each of us might find the ideal island to visit based on our present state of mind.


When Mind Needs It’s Body To Refresh Closed Doors

It’s Time For Aruba’s Sparkling Blue Shores

When Dark Memories Waste Away Your Spirit of Play

Sail East For Tanned Tranquillity In Barbados Bay

When Spurts Of Desire Wish To Turn Milk Into Cream

Fine Yacht Can Await You in St. Thomas Sprung Dream

When Heavy Heart Fears Seem Too Much For Mention

Martinique’s French Lightness Might Ease Such Tension

When Nature’s Calling Bursts In Green, Red and Blue

A Dominica Jaunt Seems The Right Place For You

So What’s Stopping You Now From Pleasurable Detach?

Just Find The Right Island That Makes A Good Match!

St. Thomas

10 thoughts on “Any Island Won’t Do

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      1. St. Thomas is nice, but I think my favorite is Tortola, as it’s less developed and less-crowded, with beautiful beaches. I went on two sailing trips to the Virgin Islands/British Virgin Islands. Saw Jamaica and Grand Cayman on a cruise in 1998, thus spent only a brief period on each via day excursions, which I admit was not nearly enough time to really get to know them.

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  1. The islands are beautiful, inaccessible to me, I live in the other hemisphere. I think it is enough to watch, because everyone has the beauty of nature and great experiences. And joy and happiness.

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