Ecuador Rainforest Mission

“ The rainforests hold answers to questions we have yet to ask.”
(Mark Plotkin)

I suppose it’s easy to generalize that the earth’s rainforests exist as an inaccessible jungle experience of interest only to Jane Goodall type, wild animal experts or thrill seeking adventurers. But after spending a good portion of our time in these river swollen wilds on our Ecuador trip, I realize that the great mysteries of life’s sustainment there benefit in so many ways all of animal and humankind.

Certainly we observed on many occasions in Ecuador the obvious interdependence of tropical plant and animal species in this equatorial zone experience. Witness for instance emerging butterflies massing together on a banana leaf in drunken like pleasure. Or picture those tiny hummingbirds fluttering around in frantic fashion to find plentiful nectar from a blossoming tree branch.

But looking beyond the obvious biological force of the rainforest, I now realize that the rainforest presence mimics a desired transition humans might consider now to go about their lives each day. Consider then what happened to me when I took time to sit on the open veranda of our room at “La Casa del Suizo” each morning watching raindrops gently fall on the Napo River amid otherwise desolate tropical silence. For such powerful sensory observations seemed to be telling me the futility of dwelling about past and future and instead just observe each present moment fully each day. Enjoy the new set of photos.

To close this blog , I would like to interest my readers in some vital questions that arise in my mind as a result of this Ecuador Rainforest travel experience.

1.How can we utilize rainforests to better maintain human health?
2.How can use rainforests more to help clean our water and air?
3. How do we better preserve wildlife threatened by rainforest destruction?
4.How can we give back to those indigenous people who survive in the rainforest?
5. What secrets of human history are most important to know in the rainforest?
6. What spiritual signals does the rainforest suggest to fulfill unity of humankind?

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  1. The questions about rainforests should be answered by scientists. I think someday we’ll know the answers. Ecuador is an interesting country. Pictures very beautiful!


      1. If I were going to travel anywhere, the rainforest would definitely be on my bucket list! However, I think my traveling days, such as they were, are over. Glad you and your wife are enjoying it, though, and I can enjoy it through your pictures!


  2. Thought provoking questions which we ask ourselves in different ways while seeing some of the destruction happening in the name of so called development. What are we leaving behind for the future generations?
    Thank you for the beautiful photographs.


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