My Rainy Day Creed

“Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky.” (Arna Bontemps)

It’s been raining non- stop in South Florida for several days. So I’ve been awakened in such soggy “downtime” to compose this timely poem. For those who are interested, a major inspiration for this blog came directly from various  novel insights learned in “The Celestine Prophecy” written by James Redfield.

A Steady Smack of Psychic Wet

Can Ease My Mind Of Futile Fret

For In Drop By Drop I Stay With Now

As Ego Filled Mask Takes No Bow

Amid such sudden deluge new energy must flow

For there’s fertile grounds now for bold intuitions to grow

So today I choose to give stormy silence a chance 

To open myself to more song, laugh or dance

So enjoy each raindrop that softly splatters 

While pondering how life coincidence truly matters

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