Who’s In Control?

What gives you direction in life?

JetPack Prompt 5/5/23

You might notice every so often that some “heavy” event happens that makes you think of a new direction that your life must take. In my case, whether such self epiphany is caused by luck, fate, or coincidence, I respect what changes my intuition is telling me.

So it seems I have come to a crossroads in my retired lifestyle with some lingering medical crises in my family preventing me from upcoming travel. So this ever present “tug of war” between Yin and Yang in my mind caused by sick loved ones now tells me to stop obsessing about going somewhere in person to write and publish blogs. In lieu of such self imposed pressure, I feel greater need to prioritize now just finding more ease in the company of family, friends, and even new strangers I meet. Know that my restless traveling mind will will no doubt return to me, however, when the right time comes with Japan, Antarctica, Nepal, and Ireland journeys on my “bucket list” for sure.

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