Expanding My Community Outlook

What do you do to be involved in the community?

JetPack Prompt – May, 10, 2023

When one asks what I do with respect to my community, I must first know exactly what community involvement means. Are we talking about what pertains to a physical place or a collection of people? Moreover, what about the act of doing something in a virtual way that pertains to where one lives? Or maybe you can ascertain community involvement not in terms of what one does but in terms of what one doesn’t do over a period of time.

You might say in one sense then that my community place  perception seems to have shifted in recent years to the smaller scale of my immediate neighborhood where I live combined with the modest number of people I interact with in my daily goings. In such cases, typically on a one to one meetup basis, I’m quite generous with my time as a soundboard for giving suggestions to fellow citizens as it relates to education, travel, or health related needs. But I never really plan these ad hoc help giving occasions in any particular place outside my condo.

As related to my cyberspace involvement on a larger community scale , I frequently check out the “Eventbrite” app to read about meaningful events going on in South Florida. I particularly look for forums of a nonjudgmental nature with others at minimal cost. So as I engage in such online community scrutiny, I might decide to  enroll in Zoom lectures going on around town, hoping to spread messages of peaceful co-existence and embrace of diversity on any given day.

So many urban problems of the South Florida community today pertain to a seemingly out of control population explosion existing there at various seasons of the year. So you might say, for instance, that due my frequent travels each year out of town, I’m spreading peace by not being there because of travel to buy a gun and potentially threaten others in order to protect my home. In the same vein of absentee thought, I’m not also not around to clog up valuable space in a hospital room emergency area, or add our vehicles to congested highways full of unceasing commuter traffic problems each morning and evening.

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