Stillness On The Bay

“Life’s most precious moments are not all loud or uproarious. Silence and stillness has its own virtues. “( Kilroy J. Oldster )

During a much needed respite to the Tampa Bay region of Florida this weekend, I learned a lesson that life comes well to me in stillness. You see I’m much too willing to take control of decisional matters when they occur as in too much “yang” and not enough “yin.“ So during an unplanned park bench occasion Saturday night along Old Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, I took considerably more time than usual to just observe and listen. Several captivating insights happening then seemed to naturally calm my normally busy mind.

A colorfully glowing rainbow suddenly appeared in the eastern sky signifying there will be more opportunities for me to “shine” with success as a person in the future.
A threatening overcast sky to the south reminded me to adjust wisely to my own human imperfections.
Amidst the smooth flow of waves, two playful dolphins surfaced as I exalted in the joy of free will being.
As a close Latino family bonded together on the beach, the importance of family resonated as a strong priority for me now.
The sheer energy of a young woman skating vigorously under a palm tree filled me with good reason to take care of own physical body.

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