Road-Tripping Forward From Corona

“ Each of us must confront our own fears and must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” (Judy Blume).

It would be easy to“let my guard down” and say that my worst fears of the Corona Virus have ended. After all, I can again stroll the beach, eat at my favorite cafes, or find a friend to accompany me to a live Miami Dolphin game. Yet the beginning of Phase 2 recovery from the pandemic, however, does not mean life for me has returned to normal. For I continue to face seemingly minute to minute decisions about when and where to wear my mask, sanitize my hands, and social distance from strangers in congested South Florida. So being a person who likes to get “out and about”, my 2018 Honda CRV therefore now serves as the most natural place to feel safest now from such continuing airborne health concerns.

Other thoughts are going through our minds as Ruth and I move forward to resume our road trip adventures this weekend. For a quick glance at the photos at the end of this blog provides an emotional calling for both of us to experience autumn’s natural beauty again amid the the wide open spaces of Colorado. But don’t get me wrong as I am not taking our decision to plan such a long distance road trip now lightly.

Consider then that I’ve learned from our March road trip to steer clear of those regions in our country that remain potential “hot spots”for Corona spread activity. Thus, such destinations as New Orleans, Houston, and Denver seem too risky to visit at this particular time. We must  pay vigorous attention as well  to likely encounters with freezing road conditions, smoke filled air, and late season hurricane activity. So take a look at our proposed itinerary in the cover photo above. Feel free to provide comments to me about our projected loop route to and from home.

So what might interest you to read my upcoming U.S. travel blogs in October and early November other than autumn’s natural beauty? Ten items below immediately come to mind.

1) Capture the authentic antebellum feel of Route 61 adjacent to the east side of the Mississippi River.
(2) Be curious about some lesser known museums of local historic interest in the Deep South region.
(3) Understand some longstanding cultural traditions of German dominant communities in small Midwest towns.
(4) Observe some notable hiking trails or snow-shoe paths in the state parks of Colorado.
(5) Enjoy the live music sound of country rock in Texas.
(6) Feel the fall excitement of game day fever in a southern, college football town.
(7) Tour the hallowed grounds of a famous Civil War battlefield site.
(8) Gain a sense of the political pulse of small town America for the upcoming Presidential election.
(9) Learn some interesting facts about birdwatching in the wild nature of the Rocky Mountain region.
(10) Uplift your with human spirit with some timely words from one of my current novel readings.

See you on the road soon. Stay well. USFMAN

Musical Reawakening

Hi readers. As part of my decision to experiment with new ways to present my blog, I have decided to delve into the writing of reality based fiction. My first story below thus attempts to revive some interest in live music as a positive therapy to deal with our current isolation amid the current Corona pandemic.

Another day of wishing your life away does not seem to be an appealing option to Jason as he slumps lazily in his easy chair watching vicarious thrills of cable TV. For our musical genius misses the spontaneous thrill of playing live music now as the lingering medical crisis worsens While humans debate the controversy of whether or not to wear a mask, he most of all suffers in silence indoors with his awkward inability to play the trombone on stage for others anymore.

Sadly, our former virtuoso musician can no longer bellow out those high notes or pedal tones that he once played with ease. Instead he lets the oxidation of time take its course as the once shiny bell of his instrument now rusts badly in its case these days. Even if Jason could play again, he simply lacks the physical stamina now to practice hard enough at his accustomed standard of musical performance.

Yet it makes no sense for him to sulk like a spoiled juvenile who can never “get his way.” For this frustrated artist must realize that there are so many other talented musicians that are currently grounded from playing live shows now. In today’s “lockdown” times, these artists would have a better chance of making money from harvesting a field of healthy sassafras than booking a concert “gig” right now.

Face it. We are all merely mortal and must endure a runny nose, sprained ankle, or upset stomach once in awhile. Some of my teachers once told me to eat an apple every day and everything will turn out okay. The question remains whether Jason will choose to see a ripe apple or rotten apple in his current state of musical crisis. Maybe I would be wise to do the same. Wait a minute! What’s that beautiful carnival of sounds coming from beyond my patio now? I feel like I need to dance, Ruth. Can you twirl around with me a little? 

Flaneuring Not Hurrying

As our country remains in high alert because of the Corona Pandemic, our travel options remain severely limited. In my spare time at home then, I’ve taken an increased interest in audio podcasts  as a way of satisfying my travel curiosities. So I’ve decided to delve into this listening medium myself by looking at more deeply, some of my favorite travel blogs from the recent past.

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