Flaneuring Not Hurrying

As our country remains in high alert because of the Corona Pandemic, our travel options remain severely limited. In my spare time at home then, I’ve taken an increased interest in audio podcasts  as a way of satisfying my travel curiosities. So I’ve decided to delve into this listening medium myself by looking at more deeply, some of my favorite travel blogs from the recent past.

 For my introductory installment in this audio presentation  series, I explore anew  the travel concept of “Flaneuring” as an exciting way to relieve one’s fears of traveling now. Following the main content of this post , I will present suggestions for viewing some attached photographs  for this episode.  I hope you enjoy the new format. Now click on the “YouTube” picture link below to begin the podcast.

Flaneuring Not Hurrying

12 thoughts on “Flaneuring Not Hurrying

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  1. It is nice to hear your pleasant and calming voice again. I have relied on your flaneuring with Ruth for many years 😍


  2. Beautiful photographs! Would you happen to know what kind of butterfly that blue one is? I don’t know much about butterflies, but am interested in them. Also, where was the butterfly picture taken? Thanks!


  3. Hi – The butterfly photo was taken on a road trip visit in Springfield Illinois. I cannot ascertain the kind of butterfly it is. The brownish blue colors seem to be a rare combo from my research.


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