Streetcar To Nowhere

Streetcars are not the most efficient means to travel in Lisbon but they assuredly are the most fun. Grab hold immediately of the nearest rail inside the cabin and you speed off to a destination that you soon forget. Pay close attention to the location of your wallet as you become Sherlock Holmes and guess who might be the most likely one to lift it silently from your pocket. How do you say pickpocket in Portuguese? Having taken great pride in finding the proper place to stand amidst the dense maze of people surrounding you, what fun it might be to guess how to exit the tram successfully. A sudden jolt of brakes is felt at each stop as many spring confidently toward the rear exit. You gradually move closer to the rear at each stop as you test your balance to stand nearer to an exit position. At some point, you begin to realize that this journey has reawakened your senses to “living in the present.” I feel more alive now and laugh inside at this carnival of human madness.


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