Finding My Castle of Peace

The castle stands proudly over the steep hill. Its call to come closer commands my attention now. I curiously view these medieval remnants as an ideal spot for finding peace. Find the olden path and my thirst for contentment will soon come clear. As cobblestone turns to dust, my ascent begins smoothly. With each passing step, the town below grows smaller. Ancient vines part up ahead to signal the way forward. Footsteps above! A passing knight perhaps or the King’s procession alive. A crumbling wall in the distance dares me to cross into the mysteries that I seek. No home could ever be more inviting. It soon becomes clear that my castle resides within me and its kingdom lies waiting to finding a restful existence.



I accomplished a rewarding career as a teacher and professor for 28 years.No more daily lesson plans now frees my curious mind to experience life on my own terms now.

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