Nature’s Pace Perfectly Fine Now

“Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

On a lengthy road trip as we are currently venturing on, it’s vital to have “chill” stops to regenerate your fervor for the long road ahead. A three day stay in one place gives us time to rest for planning our next destination. Taking full advantage of a weekend stay in Fort Collins Colorado, I long for a shady spot to sit quietly and read.

A look around Old Town seems suitable now. Ambling around a bohemian atmosphere of new age rock shops, indie music stores, and independent bookstores, I spot a shaded bench nearby a set of hanging bells and sit down to relax. With little ambition, I become tempted to test my musical talents on this beautiful chime. Uncharacteristically, I find the patience to window shop with my wife for no particular reason.

In the distance, I gaze in awe at the snow peaked vistas of the Rocky Mountains. The mere glimpse of this towering expanse in morning glory hypnotizes my present attention. Breathing in and out deeply, I savor the opportunity I have been given to witness the slow unfolding of such ineffable beauty, alive and healthy today.

No longer a product of my ego or possessions, I seek inner satisfaction in the presence of nature’s calling. A “minimalist” outlook for traveling lightly on the road this spring/summer has set the tone for a more permanent downsize of my material possessions in retirement. The true test of this resolve will take place when I return home to my familiar routine of staying obsessively entertained in busy South Florida.


4 thoughts on “Nature’s Pace Perfectly Fine Now

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  1. What a perfectly written piece on the incredible benefits of retirement and how you are enjoying your life on the road. Travel agents should include your blog as part of their package deal, or as an advertisement Of the places you have visited on your journey. I think you should put your American travels into a booklet and publish it. The experiences you and Ruth are having will truly encourage others to set out and follow in your footsteps.


  2. Thanks Lesley. I have located a book publisher already.The issue with me is the need to illustrate my blogs and in some cases accompany them with music, Ruth is checking out a podcast format for the blogs.I think a podcast approach might have a similar effect as “The Prairie Home Companion..”


  3. The mountains have such a calming effect on the soul. Beautifully written. I feel calmer just hearing your words.


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