A Plea for Unity On The 4th

I look around today at our increasingly divided country on a day that celebrates a document that addresses all Americans as one. Yes, the Declaration of Independence was created to represent unity of purpose at a time when the freedoms we enjoy today were threatened by our status as a colonial outpost of the British Crown. Since our representatives of government today fail to offer effective solutions to pull us together as a country, then the spirit of one requires recognition from the people themselves.

A sea of multicultural madness will descend on the Rose Bowl in Pasadena tonight. In spite of the urban chaos, this will be strictly an American affair. The Star Spangled Banner begins the pageantry as thousands pay homage to the valiant struggle for obtaining America Independence by singing our National Anthem. The largest show of fireworks in Southern California tonight will soon follow. On this clear night, let each spectator realize that with each explosion of color and sound, they are alive to gather freely in this country regardless of race, color, or creed.

On freeways today, traffic conditions will not adhere to the daily norm of commuter gridlock. Take advantage of the extra driving space today to be courteous to all drivers, regardless of appearance or circumstance. Use turn signals when changing lanes and fight back the feeling of road rage for aggressive drivers along the way. You might even allow others to drive while you take time as a captive passenger to relax in the company of others to gaze at the nearby beauty of a beach or mountainside scene.

Today is not the day to find fault with your revered L.A. baseball team today Whether you win or lose, be happy that Dodger Stadium will remain standing as a symbol of community pride tomorrow. As you make your way to and from the stadium today, take the time to admire this hillside cathedral of baseball greatness. Remember that your Dodger team was the first to include both black and white players in major league competition.

Los Angeles has historically been a place where people from all walks of life have found a welcome home. Starry eyed romanticists flocked to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune in motion pictures. Aspiring entrepreneurs in aerospace and petrochemical industries profited from a business climate that offered a wealth of innovative opportunities. Immigrant pioneers gambled that their fortunes would improve by leaving their homeland for the opportunity to attain the American Dream here.

As a visitor to L.A., I have taken the time to propose ways to promote “Americanism” on our nation’s birthday. I am hopeful that my reflections about the “City of Angels” on the 4th will bring me optimism for a future of shared vision in our country’s destiny.

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