Revelations For the Long Ride Home

It is time to take the long road home to South Florida. Facing the summer heat, in full force now, my wife and I long for the cool confines of coastal California once more. Aware of the necessity to travel greater distance daily for the sake of our returning deadline, car and driver seem to have united as one.

Loneliness sets in at times now to remind me that my loved ones at home remain faithful to my existence. Life on the road seems less glamorous as I ponder how my commitments will resume as a busy, South Florida resident. I am hopeful that the transition to become again a comforting presence for an aging mother will be a smooth one. Restless thoughts of unbridled, travel freedom, however, will soon return to urge me to get back on the road again.

Social Media today forces me every day to take a long look at my compulsive identity as a world traveler. Never enamored by gossip and innuendo, Facebook nonetheless provides me with a flexible tool for posting meaningful, travel information with social connections of my choice. Lacking the will to compose long, written letters to a few, selected loved ones these days, my weekly blogging on Word Press will enable me to commit to a theme of writing that touches a far wider audience of followers with common interest at no cost.

The truth of the matter seems to be that my aspiration to become an itinerant wanderer in retirement is a premeditated life choice. Home will never mean a permanent place now, but rather a temporary respite in the depths of my mind to prepare for the next adventure sought. The challenge of sustaining quality time with family and friends for an extended period, however, will remain the true test of this wanderlust commitment.

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  1. I think this blog, more than any other, reveals the true source of your soul. The essence of the wanderer. Yes, it is shorter perhaps, less detailed than the places, the scents and sounds of locations you have visited. But, it uncovers the depth of your desire to travel and why doing so is as much a part of your existence as breathing. (Somewhere in the back of my mind now I hear Dion singing “Because I’m the wanderer, I roam around, around, around, around.”
    How lucky you and Ruth are that you found one another so many years ago and that you both have this adventurous traveling spirit you are able to enjoy together. I got chills reading ” Home will never mean a permanent place now , but rather a temporary respite in the depths of my mind to prepare for the next adventure sought.”
    For those of us who are not able to take those journeys, your blog allows us to momentarily share in that unbridled freedom you experience. Thank you for that! This piece was quite lovely.


  2. Thanks again for the kind words, Lesley. I started the process to convert my 50 some blogs into a paperback book and hopefully market it successfully.


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