Fall Routines Bring Hope For Unity

In an election year marked by vicious divisions in our country, there is uncertainty as to the direction our country will follow. I am alarmed by the extremist tirades of a Presidential candidate who incites anger and violence against minority groups, immigrants and his political opponent in this country. I am fearful that the fear of ISIS at home will lure voters to support isolationist withdrawal in an increasingly globalized world. I am appalled that our constitutional  liberties are under siege by an agitator who dares to build exclusionary walls or silence the free press in this country. I am repulsed that a Presidential candidate with no government experience or tangible evidence can indiscriminately mock our electoral system as rigged. As an American who must get back to his fall rituals of daily survival, I will continue to have faith in unity over separatism in these troubling times.

Our country will soon rejoice in the return of the gladiator ritual of American football. In South Florida, a full house of hero-starved fans endure sweltering heat and rain threatened conditions to re-embrace the game of football at Miami Dolphins Training Camp in early August. Observing the diverse representation of race, age, and nationality attentively watching today’s practice, fond memories return. I recall being a season ticket holder when each home game guaranteed a sold out stadium rocking with contagious energy for Dan Marino led teams. While football seemingly means little in matters of life and death, its potential to galvanize a community’s thoughts in hope of attaining a winning team again cannot be ignored.

As many Americans return from summer vacation, realities of daily survival routines re-emerge. In anticipation of increased retail spending, consumers will be enticed by tax free, holiday sales and back to school extravaganzas. In spite of the expected spike in middle class, economic growth, I keep in mind that there are many Americans who will still need help with the basic necessities of survival. Charitable donations and food/clothing drives would help to “even the game” for many while senior volunteering commitments would provide experienced mentors for those who appear to be overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

As students return to to begin a new school year, many will again recite the Pledge of Allegiance” as each day of class begins. Let the exalted meaning of this historical tradition serve as a role model for our educated masses to counteract the negative attacks on our political system today. Senseless appeals to violence and misguided acts of cynicism must not diminish the “good” of our democracy. Students must be reminded in these daily readings that our American system of government must continues to exist with “Liberty and Justice For All.”

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  1. your passion and love for your country is evident in your words….sheds more light on the current political situation in the states from the views of a man on the street


  2. In this clear, concise piece, you accurately covered the challenges our country now faces with a GOP candidate who threatens the America we have come to know and love so well for 60 plus years. Yes, football can help us forget momentarily the problems we face, and as a fellow Dolphin fan,(“Dolfan”), I join you in hoping this year’s team unites our community with wins and a promise of regaining some of the glory of the good old days.
    And yes, as a fellow retired educator, I too remember how each day began, with students all over our country standing and reciting “The Pledge of Allegiance”. Now more than ever, it’s words resinate with meaning. May my grandchildren get to live as confidently as we did feeling ” liberty and justice for all”.
    As always, you have a knack for compacting a plethora of ideas into a brilliant, succinct blog. Bravo!


  3. This election is something else. Not only has it changed open political conversation among politicians, but it has exposed divisions even among like-minded individuals.

    But there is a greater concern about one of the candidates in particular. He is threatening our international alliances and to destroy basic freedoms, including freedom of the press. We need the press in order to inform us, expose corruption and to help us remove the worst people from power.

    And even as I type this, I too, look forward to the upcoming NFL season. Football is a distraction and an escape, albeit a temporary one.

    It’s already August. I know that many kids are looking forward to the new school year, LOL. Some may already be in school! But I hope they learn the meaning of the pledge of allegiance. I remember my seventh-grade teacher going over it one day.


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