Time To Say My Peace

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”(Thomas Jefferson)

The negativism of the upcoming Presidential Election was on full display in the first Clinton/Trump Presidential Debate. As expected, it rapidly became clear that the-isms of blame became a “turnoff” for me at this reality show extravaganza. Witnessing the antagonistic air between the candidates then, a number of astoundingly inaccurate/unprovable statements from the Trump “foot in mouth” crossed my mind. Below is a sample:

(1) “We have NO leadership now”

(2)” We have been ripped off by EVERY country in the world.”

(3) “It’s about a time that somebody ran the country that KNOWS SOMETHING about money”

(4) “Tens of thousands of people that UNBELIEVABLY love me”

(5) “We have support of almost EVERY police group in the country”

As a concerned citizen, several questions continue to persist in my mind about the Trump presence. Would I “play the fool” for a candidate that is unwilling to reveal the nature of his financial past? Should I “buy into”cynical rants that spew raw hatred toward foreigners, fueling the angers of alienated youth to embrace ISIS? Why should I accept the compulsive use of lies and deceptions about the state of the economy and the opposition candidate as a means to influence my vote for election? What harm to our spirit of unity as a country would be inflicted by”spinning”the idea that our multicultural acceptance of immigrants is a detriment our survival? Is there logic in advocating spread of guns or adopting “police stop and frisk” tactics in this country to stop domestic violence?

American democracy is based on open consent of the governed. If we choose to be ignorant or avoid fact checking questionable statements we hear from our leaders, then we will allow demagogues to control our mind. Many of us feel powerless at election time yet consider the alternative of living without freedom. The tragic death of Miami Marlins pitching star Jose Fernandez over the past weekend reminded me how many are willing to risk their life to escape political repression to become productive citizens here. Our duty to vote mindfully at election time is the right weapon against tyranny in these trying times.

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  1. Thanks. I was taught to gather the facts before expressing my opinion and recognize all sides of an issue. So sad to watch him bully his contemptuous way on stage


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