An Explosion Of Seasonal Variation

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flower we more than gain in fruits.” (Samuel Butler)

It’s October in South Florida again yet you would think that summer never ended. A spiny iguana suns near the protective confines of a waterlogged lake behind my condo. A flock of hungry egrets eagerly splash through the rain soaked lawn for tasty morsels. A coconut palm sways serenely while providing little shade relief from the daytime swelter or a passing shower. Just another day of relentless heat and humidity.

Twenty four hours later, my wife and I have chosen to experience October autumn in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our excitement to experience the change of season here is magnified by the fact that Hurricane Matthew lurks ominously off the South Florida coast now and we are not there to dread the natural ravages of hurricane destruction. How fortunate I am to be present today to observe the unfolding beauty of autumn that this Rockies haven provides me.

It seems that my senses previously dulled by tropical sameness have come alive now. Giant pumpkins sprout visions of a Halloween treat. Mountainside forests paint palettes of yellow, red, and brown. Cold winds kiss my face as snowflakes softly fall. I can sit by the fireplace tonight and imagine that my winter wonderland cannot be long in coming here.

Most importantly, I hope to gain wisdom from my vacation in fall paradise as there lies great opportunity for renewal of spirit here. Each unexpected moment received in harmony with nature inspires me to grow as a person. For every leaf that falls, a new one will sprout to replace it.

11 thoughts on “An Explosion Of Seasonal Variation

      • I like the spring when the weather is cool, but come to think of it … I guess I liked fall when I was a kid. Even though school wasn’t my favorite place to be, I settled in during the year and always looked forward to Halloween.

        I think I like the fall now, too. The temperatures cool off and many of the best celebrations happen later in the year.


  1. Just beautiful! I have to admit I’m jealous of your surroundings. It’s windy and rainy here in sunny old Florida as Hurticane Matthew blows on by. You made the right choice to hit the road!!! Enjoy!


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