Nature’s Silence Improves My Mind

[Touch Wet Softness Of First Falling Snow
Breathe In An Open Mind Becoming Humbled]
[Rest In Peace As Shady Clouds Grow
Stand Proudly Where Walls Have Crumbled]
[Walk Mindfully Near Shore As Tides Recede
Rethink Black Friday Madness No Time For Waste]
[Hug An Ancient Tree Today End Logging Greed
Learn To Think Critically No Time For Haste]
[Make New Trails Be Curious and Brave
Embrace Diversity On Earth With Open Mind]
[Preserve Our Ecosystems As Worthy Save
Admit Your Mistakes Always Try To Be Kind]
[Feel Nature’s Splendor To Sense Life’s Lofty Ends
Restore Honesty And Truth Savor My Psyche Mends]

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