Finding A New Spirit Of Giving

Are you finding a need to be more charitable now? Then don’t consider the TRACK-RECORD FOR NON-GIVING from our newly-elected President as your holiday inspiration. It seems that I have found a new motivation to be altruistic this holiday season as I weigh in about the threats to my country’s future of a Trump Presidency. Sharing holiday goodness with friend or foe seems more important to me now. I seem to be more sensitive to those who lack the material comforts that I can manageably afford. I no longer “buy in” to the idea that my happiness in life directly results from imagining myself as rich with all the “stuff” I can own. In my silent protest for social and economic justice, it seems that I would rather give than get now.

While I fully intend to become more cognizant about helping others at home, much of my future life will be spent satisfying the curiosity to travel. Perhaps it is time to revisit the “backpack mentality” of my youth when intimate conversations with worldly-minded travelers amidst the informal atmosphere of the B&B breakfast table or public train station seemed desirable. Alternatively, I might find satisfaction now in volunteering my time overseas in face-to face situations as a way to maintain a sense of accomplishment in my retirement years.

Being no fan of the divisive rants” of tweeting on social media, I feel there is a critical need to assist people to read and write wisely and regularly. With regard to my blog communications on Word Press, several ideas seem seem helpful to my followers. Carefully selecting topics of global interest could minimize nationalist or isolationist zeal. Committing to research the truthfulness of viewpoints from multiple online sources would set an example for disbelieving lies and biased thinking. Pairing my blogs with captivating pictures and/or music might foster attention to exploring alternative learning styles through the creative arts.

I do not desire to spend the holidays spending money on things that I don’t really need when I have given thanks at the Thanksgiving feast for what I already had. On a larger scale, I refuse to waste my energy in brooding about the potential damages done to my country from a potentially doomed Presidency in the future when I feel fortunate to be happily alive now. It would thus make greater sense for me to understand that my true inspiration for continuing to be benevolent beyond this holiday season stems sincerely from my undeterred embrace of liberal values. Thumbs up to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” for all.

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  1. I Loved this blog! What wonderful advice!!! After December 19th, when the EC votes are cast and the future of this country is sealed, I will reread this post and try to follow your words of wisdom. Until then I’m still fighting to overturn the results. ✌️️But, giving generously to those in need is certainly what the upcoming holidays are about. I am daily reminded of the enormous greed by DT and that alone makes me more aware of how many charities need donations. Your post has me bagging up clothing and accessories to be donated to women in distress. I’m not quite ready for just a backpack yet, but to get to that place I will have to go on my own journey I suppose! Thanks again for an excellent blog!!! 👍

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  2. Howdy Usfman!

    I am gratified to know that organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League have seen record breaking donations since the elections. I am with you in giving to others, publicizing well-researched blog posts, and putting more effort into making the world a better place AND redoubling my effort during the next presidency.



  3. Great post as usual, usfman. You’re have some great points. I hope in coping with this upcoming administration, it inspires more people to get involved work together toward positive change. DT and the people in his cabinet will not look out for us, so we must look out for one another.


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