Holiday Dedication To My Followers

As the annual approach of the holiday spirit settles in my mind, I reflect about what I truly look forward to at this time of the year. Overlooking the shallow exchange of “Seasons Greetings” cards each year, I long for deeper explorations of conversation. Foregoing the addictive shopping blitz for holiday bargains, I seek greater motivation to diminish my lust for material luxuries. Rejecting the nutritional damage done to my body from the sugary atmosphere of holiday feast, I desire to find ways to exercise my will of moderation. Feeling lonely at times from the nostalgic flashbacks of lost love ones, I savor a genuine connection with human empathy in the present moment. Abandoning the obligatory gift-giving ritual out of guilt or duty at holiday time, I search for the spontaneous delight of pleasing others, freely, out of true interest in improving their lives.

Always enjoying the act of reading/writing, Word Press blogging seems to be my perfect tool for resolving these holiday dilemmas. As I have little interest in becoming a social media star by amassing an massive number of admirers, I thus give thanks to my smaller community of interested  blog followers. In particular, I recognize the following connections who have offered sincere guidance to me through our exchange of intelligent ideas this year.
Bee Organized With Pamela

I appreciate the timely advice from Pamela about how to rid myself of my packrat tendency to clutter my home with unneeded stuff to live more frugally within my middle class means. I interpret the symbolic meaning of her website to be: “If you are going to be busy as a bee, you might as well be organized.”
The Insatiable Traveler

The photography tips I receive from this global-minded wanderer help me to be more patient with planning my snapshots in travel. Susan’s extensive knowledge about the fundamentals of travel photography-the right camera, framing facial/panorama shots, helpful app purchases… as well as her willingness to photograph herself immersed in the local culture she visits gives me more confidence to independently travel.
The Psy of Life

CalicoJack “tells it like it is” boldly with a sprinkling of uncensored language. I appreciate his honesty to say what he feels about politically polarizing issues yet provides factual basis for such rantings. This is an excellent website to generate timely topics for my own blogs.
Shmaltz and Menudo

A true history buff with a passion for word nuance best describes the Schmaltz… blog presence to me. I am always intrigued by the extensive amount of factual research compiled for “News Roundups” and Famous Sayings” postings and can personally identify with such academic rigor as a former college professor.

When reading this blog, I am transformed to the intimate setting of a coffeehouse where random topics of nostalgic interest and trivia banter fill the air with meaningful yet inoffensive conversation. A very unselfishly organized blog, BrewNSpew frequently adds blog space to recognize interesting bloggers she has read and posts links to their corresponding websites.

Produk Anti Rayap Alami Untuk Cegah Datangnya Hama

HarsH ReaLitY

As a more recent addition, to my daily, blog reading collection, HarsH ReaLitY offers me a multitude of ideas about why and how to write an effective blog and generate a suitable market of readers. The concise yet directly written blog entries appeal to my short attention span and are an impressive source of topic ideas to brainstorm for my own blogging efforts.

As an enlightened proponent of restoring quality education to our public schools , the cogent opinions of this veteran ex-teacher help to justify my belief that dedicating my career to teaching disadvantaged students in the past was a worthy choice. Lesley also offers a keen, liberal outlook about the plight of women’s rights in this country, which helps me act to counteract the injustices of sexism in this country.
Music Teacher Lifestyle

I enjoy checking links added to Ioana’s blog periodically that offer extended versions of funky jazz tunes or virtuoso classical performances. I always find her videos relaxing to the spirit and stimulating to my intellect. I can also identify with the instructional challenges she faces to nurture musical talent with children in Romania and my own experiences to promote creative thinking as a Gifted Education Teacher in South Florida.

Singledust’s blog offer a unique, sensory feel for food, nature, and sense of place in her country that enthralls me to capture the present moment. I embrace her independent spirit to travel freely throughout the world as a motivating force for my own “Wanderlust” attempts to brave visiting new places on my own.


13 thoughts on “Holiday Dedication To My Followers

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  1. What a lovely gift your blog was! Thank you for introducing me to a group of worthy bloggers who inspire! And most of all thank you for your thoughtful, sensitive comments about life, your travels, finding meaning and beauty in the world around you, and the people you meet. YOU and RUTH are the real gifts! Happy Holidays to you both as you continue to find joy in one another and in all those whose lives you touch!

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  2. Thank you kindly for this post, usfman.

    Well, I wouldn’t call myself a history buff, but I would like to be. And my features have made it easier for me to know where to look and learn more about history and literature. The News Roundup has a similar effect.

    I should check out some of those blogs you’ve mentioned. I have already visited to couple.

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  3. Thank you so much for adding me to your group of blogging friends. You are very special for doing so. I will be checking out the others you mention, as well. Sending hugs your way.


  4. Thank you for the mention! Its very humbling and yet a great honour at the same time that I feel such pride in my sharing. When I read your blog the words just flow and stirs up an awareness about the world we live in. thank you for continuing to write and increasing my knowledge.


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