Transcending Fear-Mongering Times

“If you think people were mad, when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait until you see when they try to take away our happiness.”
(Meryl Streep Speech last weekend in reaction to Donald Trump criticism)

Why do I bother to do issues these days? I successfully retired from teaching and have stayed healthy enough to enjoy a decent pension.There are endless travel opportunities to pursue in my added free time now. I wake up each morning greeted by the playful presence of our neighbor’s white cat and his squirrel chase-buddies, who would be content if I spent the entire day feeding them.


I would like to read the newspaper one day without being misled by a “War of the Worlds” apocalypse that alien invaders will soon be coming to threaten our country’s survival. (Watch the video below). I would treasure attending a concert and not fear the loss of funding for the arts in my city. I would savor a glass of water free from the thought that global warming will soon cause the oceans to dangerously rise to flood the fragile orb I live in. I would exalt in a conscious-free conversation with my Colombian immigrant neighbors without wondering whether it is my duty to report them to the police for impending deportation.

Feeling mentally exhausted by these daily life uncertainties, it is time to chill. Whatever “plays out” in the next four years will certainly test my tolerance yet it seems critical for me to enjoy a healthfully inspired life while it lasts. Keep your mind busy. Seek kindness and goodwill with strangers whenever you get the chance. Do not allow social media to cloud your vision for thoughtless action. Spend more time in nature and make more time for the company of family/friends. Watch a baseball game with knowledge that the outcome of the game is less important than just being there. Read a lot while listening to soothing music.


Some of you might also find the need to face dire, political forecasts with a somewhat less serious life. Thus, I refer my readers to a more extensive list of activities in the following website: Click on the following title: – 99 COPING SKILLS –. I sarcastically note that our “America First” President spent a good portion of his time playing leisurely golf on weekends at his Palm Beach Estate in the first three weeks of his presidency. img_2469

I recognize that the antagonistic aura of our current President probably represents the great, political test of American democracy in my lifetime. Yet, I need to move on from this current “Kingdom of Doom ” that generates continuous fear of the future and questions the goodness of man (woman) kind. Thus, I will now react to such pessimism by allotting more time to daily happiness in accordance with my Constitutional rights/responsibilities as an American citizen.


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  1. I’d need anti-depressants if I listened to the news! And I don’t live there, as a close mate of the media moguls he is in our news constantly. Can one person alone end the world as we know it? We wait and see … relax and take life moment by moment.


  2. Yes the media feeds off all the Trump negativism. Every day there is a new chaos story to absorb of “doom and gloom”. You are right to “stay in the moment”.


  3. I somehow missed this post but it was just what I needed to read today. I have certainly cut down on being a news junkie in the evenings to maintain my sanity. And it helps a great deal! However, the recent daily anti- Semitic threats nationally and locally have brought me back to getting crazy again. I can’t let anti-Semitism continue and must speak out against it. If not, America is in danger of becoming what Germany was in the 1930’s. And I owe my children and grandchildren a brighter future. Being politically active and vigilant is not how I wanted to spend my retirement years. But, apparently if our generation doesn’t fight these equality battles no one else will. We can’t look the other way while DT and the GOP ignore minorities and screw us with their health care bill. Every time I think Ive beaten the Trump doom and gloom thing something else happens. These are scary times. From month to month the political climate changes. Focusing on the positive is certainly the way to go, but it gets harder the longer #45 remains in office. 😬


  4. Lesley: As this blog suggested, the key is to give self-happiness your utmost attention. I refuse to let Trump’s negative energy destroy what I love: travel, nature, knowledge…


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