Reflections On The Pain Of Rejection

With the sudden terminations of Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates and National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, our new President maintains his ruthless legacy of “firing” people at will. Observing his sense of entitlement as a billionaire celebrity star, he has continued to polish his media image well. * However, as the daily rants and narcissistic side effects of his Presidential “Reality Show” performances increasingly fail to entertain me, the timing is right to refocus my mind on more positive thoughts by switching to a more relaxing channel. Perhaps I will try the one below: “The Relaxing and Chill Out Channel.”

Looking more deeply at these terminations, questions arise about the emotional ramifications arising from his career-crashing decisions. Did our executive leader feel empathy for any of his chosen victims in such trying times? What emotional trauma occurred for those who were selected for these unfortunate acts of dismissal?

Recalling my classroom image as a college professor, what if I had similarly provoked antagonism by “booting out” those academically challenged students in public who fell behind in my remedial reading class? I vividly remember one, homeless student, explain to me that his house was his car, while refusing to live homelessly on the streets. I also recall a divorced mother, working two jobs, who left her children outside my classroom unsupervised as she attended my class. I can also bring back memories of a veiled, Islamic woman who could not stay for the entirety of my class lectures on certain days due to her need to worship Allah dutifully. In each of these three cases , I chose to dignify their continued presence by finding ways to teach them effectively in spite of their obvious classroom challenges.

I also picture my identity crisis in 1993, of becoming unemployed as a middle school teacher after twelve years of dedicated service. Dreading the prospect of involuntarily leaving my chosen career, then, I distinctly recall a crisis of my own self-worth. However, I took self-responsibility to finish my Educational Specialist Degree, ultimately resulting in a successful, thirteen year, teaching stint as a tenured, college professor..

Thus, it is logical then for me to ponder how our Commander-In- Chief would put out his own “fire of rejection”? In particular, how would he react to an impartial investigation of his Russian ties and possible impeachment? Would he display the same intolerance of criticism that he displayed during the primaries and early days of his Presidency? Does his latest tirades at Thursday’s press comference indicate his desire to dismiss reporters in the traditional media, which would impair the public’s capacity to stay adequately informed?

Another kind of emotional rejection is occurring today. There is evidence that the current, political climate may be causing serious, emotional backlash among our entire populace. Multiple sources from a survey recently conducted by Harris Poll, found that 66 percent of Americans reported stress about the future of the country, 57 percent about the current political climate and 49 percent about our election outcome. Other surveys taken record similar results as well. If these ominous trends continue, our system of “checks and balances” must inevitably “save the day” to restore a more humane democracy.


*Note: A high-level, African-American aide to Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Shermichael Singleton, has just been fired by President Trump for once writing an Op-Ed. in the New York Times that opposed Mr. Trump’s election policies.

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  1. A very thought provoking post. So many questions and perhaps not so many answers since #45 is not your typical human being, and certainly not a normal President.
    I don’t think he feels empathy towards anyone but himself and possibly his children. He clearly shows by his actions and continuous callous comments, that he doesn’t see America’s average citizens as human beings. No, we are more like lepers to him. He barely tolerates our existence and doesn’t get too close for fear of catching something, however he is forced to try to pretend to maintain a cordial demeanor but he cannot even make it through one press conference without losing it and showing his true colors.

    Nope, he doesn’t give a damn about America or her people. He is so far removed from us that he cannot even see or hear us. I am convinced he needs an intrepter with him at all times because we speak in a different emotional language than he does. Our language, though spoken in English, is not one he can comprehend. We ask questions about important issues, some life and death situations, and these mean absolutely nothing to him. And his responses are totally off base and do not answer or even match our questions. Why? because he does not understand our words. (And the narcissist in him turns everything around to himself.)
    You and I were teachers. We watched we listened, and we assessed our students. Then we made adjustments based on their needs. I remember meeting with a single mother and explaining to her that her son wasn’t doing his homework and his behavior had been slowly changing in class. I watched her cry as she shared that she had lost her job and the family had been living out of her car for the last 6 weeks. That her children bathed at the local gas station before school and if it weren’t for the free breakfast and lunch our school offered her children might not eat that day. That was a wake up call for me!!! Sometimes you have to make concessions for individuals based on their needs and life’s circumstances. And to heck with the rules. You help those in need. But then we are teachers and know and understand what empathy is. Number 45 does not. He was probably rejected by his father his entire life and lost himself somewhere in his mind. Or he is on the Asperger spectrum and cannot relate to emotions the way we perceive them. Either way, we have a man in charge who doesn’t care who he hires or fires and I can hear him shouting, “Off with her head” and laughing about it. Except we aren’t reading Lewis Carroll. The Jabberwocky is Putin and the Mad Hatter is our President! Is it any wonder we are frightened and stressed???


  2. Wow, your reply was a entire blog itself. As teachers, yes we were accustomed to adjusting our instructional methods to our clientele and had a grasp of their unique attributes. I guess that’s what makes me oversensitive to all the callous firings.


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