I Cannot Argue In Nature Presence

My inspirations for this poem took place in my wife and I’s car travel through Coastal California, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon in the past two weeks. Accompanied by my ninety one year old father in law, we both faced the challenge of making the trip as simple as possible for him. Amidst the challenge of playing tour guide/peacemaker for our distinguished yet fussy guest, I savored those slow times of solitude on this somewhat hectic trip. This poem reflects my appreciation of those silent moments.

To judge right or wrong leaves a trail of tension
As blind egos can clash to create daily dissension
In storm clouds of doubt never cease calls for clamor
When rivals make enemies with anger struck hammer

Let us find reason to explore slower pace
As deserts seek silence in vast open space
Breathe deeply sea air to find no need for scorn
Find trails to calm judgment through fogginess morn

Savor gold bridge cross in enveloping glow
Lose sight of your ego search deep depths of know
What’s good ground for seagulls you search for intently
While ponder a manner to treat all more gently

Lonely crag visions weather eons of existence
Pity the waste of man’s violent persistence
Laugh with the otter as you wander near shore
Think less of imperfect but enjoy your life more.

In our quest to grow inward as we travel far and near
One can conquer an urge to spread ferocity of fear
As sun kisses moon in eclipse of fair equal
Future treks dim swelled heads in a similar sequel


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