Challenges Of An Open Mind

In a recent blog,I considered how to embrace the idea of “open mindedness” to foster acceptance of difference and unity in my country. In this account, I alluded to the idea that Americans. clearly live in “opinion happy” times today as social media gossip and political “spin” propaganda run rampant. Somehow, the creative energies of an art exhibit provides an excellent outlet for me to look more deeply into this matter of “unbiased” thought. Accordingly, if I take the time to examine a painting or sculpture in more patient detail, I typically find alternative ideas for interpreting perplexing arrays of images presented. Sauntering amidst the eclectic collection of gallery displays at the “Art Wynwood” exhibit in Miami this weekend would thus inspire me to pose deep seated value suggestion to my readers for more open minded analysis.

1.How can you productively block out daily distractions to improve your concentrated focus on matters of importance? You might have too much going on in your hectic life as your distracted attention span becomes shorter. Remember the old Aesop adage that the slow tortoise once beat the speedy hare to the finish line.

32BF24FB-8F5B-46DF-AA55-DC4AE06A14562.Do you observe optimism of a better life in what you read? In Korea,the goldfish means a sign of good luck, tranquility , and wisdom. Make time to read literature that enlightens your body and mind.

2BD6634D-434D-41F0-A1C9-1098216519CB3.Does your pursuit of affluence cloud your vision about how to treat yourself and others humanely? Acquiring wealth without human compassion cannot buy a successful Presidency for Donald Trump. Your ambitions to make money might not give you the satisfaction you need if you alienate yourselves from those around you.

67628717-E98E-441C-BDE6-9AA4EB7766D24.Can you continue to love yourself and others in the chaos of everyday life’s demands? If you take yourself too seriously, you might be in for a glorious letdown. You might temper the mental/physical demand of efficient work performance with an occasional laughing fit once in awhile.

02EF0496-1E85-4E3B-886E-3DC4D9ACDD9D5. Are you thankful for being alive today? You were once a child who embraced life in the curious present. Perhaps we should find more time to seek such inner peace in the “now” moment through yoga, prayer, or meditation.

5982DAEA-48E1-434C-A611-5744EB73A1316.How willing are you to accept loss of control and the inevitability of change? What worked for you ten or twenty years ago might be holding you back from fulfilling the needs of your aging realities today. Do not fear what you inevitably cannot control. Try something new.



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