Youth Rallies Spark Change

“The problem to me is violence. It’s not cool to kill somebody or hurt people” (Mark Ruffalo)

Teen Nightmare Persists From Crazed Shooter With Gun
So Immediate Fear Strikes For Where They Can Run
Community Mourns Losses Such Shameful Blood Splurge
Country Spreads Wrath From Day’s Deadly Drunk Dirge

Stern Efforts From Teachers Can Help Them To Learn
But School Safety Falls Flat From Political Spurn
Such Beasts Runs Amok In Life’s Tragic Unfold
While Innocents Fear That They Might Never Grow Old

Feel Onus Of Pain There’s No Time To Sit Still
Need Protest To Act On Assault Rifles Of Kill
A Right To Bear Arms Used For Human Scorned Hunt
Finds Motives To Lead A Massed Action Confront

Young Minds In Sad State – We Must End Violence Fate
End Culture Spewed Hate – Before It’s Too Late

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