Enjoying Our Roadtrip Lifestyle

“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.” (Sandra Lake)

With great excitement, I would like to inform my readers that our latest roadtrip begins next week. From March 2 until June 16, our latest tour from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. will have stopovers in 25 states as well as added journeys to two major cities in Eastern Canada. Fortunately, my well-kept, 2008 Honda Accord, with over 170,000 miles on the odometer, seems mechanically ready for this arduous adventure. Thus, I expect it will hold up well in all weather conditions throughout our journey.

For the past two months, we have prepared to be better organized for this latest venture. In particular,we (1) relied more on Air B&B for booking room destinations ahead of time, (2) downloaded up-to-date map updates online for key destinations using travel apps Triposo and Maps.me,and (3) devised a collapsible bag system in our car trunk in lieu of a bulky box arrangement to more compactly store our possessions. With our vehicle’s back seat section now relatively free from clutter, we feel more confident that we can park our car anywhere without drawing “shady” interest to our valuables.

Looking at the red circles marked on the blog map of our planned itinerary, you might observe (1) our generally clockwise direction of travel, (2) avoidance of one day stopovers, and (3) heavy use of the U.S.Interstate Highway system when possible. In addition, our driving time each day will rarely exceed more than 5-6 hours, allowing us ample time for occasional side trips off the expressway to visit new sites discovered along the way.

With regarding to the writing focus of my travel blog in the months ahead, several interests stand out:

(1) Stay with nineteen friend/family connections along the way.Particularly, I look forward to seeing my only known, living relative on my father’s side, Aunt Mary, who is 94 years old.

(2) Complete walking tours of Big Bend, Glacier, and Acadia National Parks and various national historic monuments.

(3) Watch live Major League Baseball Games in Arizona, California, Washington, Illinois, Ohio, and the nation’s Capital.

(4) Participate in protest marches scheduled to promote progressive causes

(5) Observe Montreal and Toronto from a cultural and political perspective.

(6) Practice Yoga and Self meditation on the road

I thank you for your continued interest in reading and commenting about “Snippets of the Traveling Mind.” I obtain so many inspiring ideas from from reading blogs posted by my 300+ followers and look forward to continue contributing timely comments when needed.

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