Puget Sound Mind-Trip Perspective

**This poem represents my inspired attempt to share a Seattle based ferry ride, giving us our last glimpse of the Pacific Coast before resuming our 2018 road trip eastward. Thankfully it was a sunny and clear that day giving me unobstructed views in all directions.

When One Needs To Flee From Mind Chatter Unbound
Escape To The Vastness Of Puget Bay Sound
When Life’s Toils Consume Us In Desperate Strive
Step Onto Blissed Islands In Nature We Thrive

When Thoughts Stray To Coldness In Clouded Mist Gray
Seek Bright Light Restored Into Gentle Boat Sway
When Sameness Dulls Heart In Emotionless Drowned
Curious Eyes Rise To Witness Immense Mountain Surround

When One Tires Of Striving For Crunched City High Time
Sail Slowly From Shore In Seaworthy Sublime
When It’s Time To Cruise Home Do Not Dread, Fear or Wrath
For Life Now Seems Infinitely Better In Such Enlightened Bay Path

Shed Rut Filled Routine Leave Your Auto Behind
So Consider Next Ferry Savor Fruitful Unwind

** Seattle, the state’s largest city, lies in the center of the Puget Sound region and sits between Elliot Bay and Lake Washington. Across the Sound is Bainbridge Island, the Kitsap Peninsula and Olympic Peninsula.(Go Northwest Travel Guide).

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    1. Yes we have enjoyed our latest travels which have created so many bloggable inspirations for readers who are interested in the “now” moments of travel.


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