Awakenings Of “Glacier” In Spring

Taking a northerly turn from Interstate 90, Glacier National Park near the U.S./Canadian border would become our next destination on our road trip. We realized beforehand that park facilities and most access routes would be closed now until at least June. Yet we “caught a break”, learning that sections of the famed “Going To The Sun” road had recently opened. As hiking trails remained partially covered in muck and slippery, melting snow conditions, we opted today to simply embark on a slow drive for eleven miles in from the “West Glacier” entrance.

Following a recently snow cleared route along Lake McDonald in mid morning, some captivating sights and sounds of nature’s awakening in early spring caught our attention. A hungry deer quietly munched newly sprouting vegetation near the road. Black crows cawed loudly, flying low over the glassy, unfrozen lake searching for an opportune time to catch fish below. Chirping prairie dogs poked their heads out from underground burrows to curiously greet our nearby presence. Rushing water furiously fell from spring melting conditions along alpine ledges. Tree branches snapped loose, providing instant relief from the weighted burden of winter’s snow accumulations.

Spring weather in Glacier became unpredictably fickle on this visit as our sunny morning drive would soon end in drizzle and cold for the remainder of the day. We chose then to rest, read, and practice yoga, in our cozy room at Cedar Creek Lodge in nearby Columbia Falls for the remainder of the day. Several travel options remain “on the table”for tomorrow. Perhaps more spectacular sightings of a bear or moose will happen on tomorrow’s park visit. Or maybe we could hang around town to visit a relaxing hot springs to ease our physical tensions. Yet I would seem to be quite content in just staring out my lodge window, ponder some glacier inspired thoughts, and settle for a five star mountain panorama in the present moment. Which of these options would you choose?

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