Musical Energy Wandering

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” (Plato)

Wherever I travel, music supplies the positive drug that fuels my traveling soul. On long flights overseas I tune out from the monotony of prolonged stillness and cabin fever to a musical dream of upcoming adventure. Traversing long distances on American Interstate Highways as I travel west, the pleasant interplay of melody and harmony allows me to immerse myself emotionally into the beauty of my natural surroundings. Riding the rails of a speeding passenger train, the “clickery-clack” of wheel meets track pulsates in steady rhythm as I notice my tune of listening choice similarly hypnotize me into a blissful traveling motion. On long sea days along transatlantic cruises when homesickness sets in, a nostalgic song elicits vivid reminders of a return home to loving family and friends.

The following list below thus provides a sample playlist of ten inspiring travel songs I most value to feed my traveling mind. The corresponding videos associated with each selection provide a strong sensory feel for the wandering soul that I so preciously cherish.

Marc Cohn – “Walking In Memphis”

Chuck Mangione – “Land of Make Believe Mangione”

Tim Janis – “Beautiful America”

Enya – “Caribbean Blue”

Moody Blues – “English Sunset”

Traveling Wilburys – “End of The Line”

Alan Parsons – “ Days Are Numbered”

Toto – “Africa”

Dixie Chicks “The Long Way Around”

Ray Charles – “America The Beautiful”

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    1. Thanks for reading. I love to stay in touch with my west coast readers like yourself? Who would be your favorite performer to listen to while traveling?


  1. Thanks for reading Eugenia. I play these songs over and over on journeys to reenergize my will to explore independently. What is your favorite travel tune?


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