Inside – Out Traveler

Outer beauty attracts but inner beauty captivates.”
(Kate Angel)

Finding beauty in people/place when I travel resides in the “inner reflections” of my “traveling mind. The following poem reveals how positive thoughts can transcend false visions of ugly encounters

An Unsightly Place Sends Dull Glimpses Of Glory
But So Much Beauty Inside Might Spring Sensational Story
I Never Know Where A Hate Splattered Wall Leads
Numb Urge For Flawed Perfect “Barbie Doll” Mind Misreads

I May Scoff At Drab Oldness In Fast Track To Please Me
Yet Inner Peace Flows From Strivers Who Drink Bittersweet Tea
Shabby Street Man Blows Jazz Cool For Hopeful Attention
A  Brief Stop To Listen Would Ease Rush Filled Tension

This Inside Out Traveler Can Find Sublime In Grim Grime
In Endlessly Searching For Self Growth In Good Time

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