Dim Sum, Dogs, and Dodgers

“In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.” (Denzel Washington)

In spite of our pre-planned itineraries, Ruth and I love the idea of finding unintended surprises on our long road trips. In spite of the predictable annoyances of smog filled air, wall cluttered graffiti, and endless freeway gridlock, the greater Los Angeles area, however, typically provides for us a multitude of spontaneous pleasures. Seemingly influenced by So Cal’s illustrious, media entertainment reputation, three scheduled destinations on days 47-50 of our current road trip thus provided us with heartwarming episodes of PG movie potential in unexpected fashion. With such family entertainment themes on our LA visit in mind, I thus present the following, self made videos below and accompanying photographs.

Scene 1 – Cute Puppy Starved For Love

On our three day stay with friends Jennie and Tommie in Thousand Oaks, we found amusing entertainment in the warm company of their son’s Schnauzer puppy, Archie. Always demanding our immediate attention, Archie’s playful antics put on quite a talented show for us.






Scene 2 – Authentic Chinese Eating Encounter

In the colorfully cavernous dining area of NBC Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park, we indulged in a unique variety of Dim Sum delights served off roving carts by eagerly attentive waiters. Seemingly oblivious to this spectacle of boisterous server flair, closely knit Asian families of young and old, dined slowly and shared quality time around circular tables.







Scene 3- Dodgers Winning Fever

With Clayton Kershaw on the mound in combination with a Bobblehead giveaway at the ballpark, we found good reason to purchase reasonably priced, upper deck tickets for Saturday night game at Dodger Stadium. Joining into the wild enthusiasm of the hometown crowd, we enjoyed the “nail biting suspense” of a Los Dodgers win in comeback fashion.”






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