Finding My Southern Soul

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” (John Muir)

Let’s face facts. I’ve always visited the small towns in the American South with kind of an urban, “chip on my shoulder”. At such times, my childhood TV impressions of rural comedy depicted in Andy of Mayberry” and “Green Acres” from my TV past clouds my mind. How sad that I also tend to  cringe at the thought of engaging in meaningful conversation with  strangers of a more conservative, southern mind. I have, on the other hand, enjoyed the cool glass of sweet tea, fried chicken, and collard greens at a local country diner in a southern town. Taking in a dose of bluegrass music now and then or casual shopping  in a “mom and pop” store has seemed equally enticing. Clearly, then, some seeds” have been planted already for me to obtain a  “Deep South” connection to enlighten my travel spirit. 
Perhaps a  relaxing, encounter with nature in Western Carolina’s Smoky Mountains at the end of  our road trip could provide impetus for a clearer perspective. Foregoing the ambitious plan  for a  full day of entertaining historical/cultural sightseeing in nearby Asheville, I would instead  opt to embrace the simpler option of  seeking inner silence/solitude along a late morning drive of the “Blue  Ridge” Parkway. In  spending “quality time” at each overlook, amidst the sheer panoramic bliss of these spectacularly forested  mountains, it seemed that any anti- southern mind distractions seemed utterly pointless at the time. I thus encourage you to feel my version of “southern hospitality” that I experienced In the following photographic display. 

4 thoughts on “Finding My Southern Soul

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  1. As I sat here in the 95-degree heat this afternoon near Charlotte, I enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your beautiful pictures from your trek along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I could almost feel the cool breeze in some of those photos. As a native North Carolinian, I’m glad you opted for the parkway and nature on this trip. The Blue Ridge Parkway is my favorite drive.


  2. How nice that you live so close to this Blue Ridge Heaven. I’m discovering that North Carolina is a priority state to spend more time in our future road trip endeavors.


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