Maximizing The Writing Moment

“Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

What makes writing so important these days? Consider our regular habit of jotting down our routine obligations on a monthly calendar of what we need and want to do. Or in times of future worry, some of us complete a personal diary or journal  as a a daily meditative mantra to  offer us emotional support from the frustrations of difficult life challenges As our attention span from each moment to moment seriously shortens in today’s fast paced, urban world, we also rely on our device of digital communication to calm the incessant mental chatter these days.  

In this era of fake truth writings, so many of us find greater need to  pay closer attention to commercial advertisements and published articles as well. For by examining the written word more carefully, we learn to trust ourselves to avoid making hasty, negative prejudgments or illogical/biased conclusions in our own formal and informal writing endeavors.         

We must realize, however, that self serving egoism can never suffice as our sole invitation to write. For while we desire to be heard in a timely text, tweet, or email, we often do not take the time to understand what others have to say. So why make it difficult? Learn the art of two-way written communication. Consider the following blogs reposted below. How might you make practical use of the content of each posting to maximize writing moments in your life?                                                                                                        


Caressing Catharsis

How can we beat manage our feelings in confrontational situations?

Perplexing Paradox Connections

How can on deal effectively with “You’re Wrong I’m Right” thinking?

Love Above Hate

What are the underlying motives of love vs. hate filled rhetoric?

Let’s Act Without Labels

How can we avoid assigning inappropriate  labels to people ?

The Least I Can Do

What are the best ways to figure out the truth amidst a lie-ridden, political culture?

Beware of Illogical Thinking Trap

How can we avoid the dangers of propaganda by thinking more “critically”  about key issues of concern

A New Light For War On Words

How does one best obtain “peace of mind” in a politically turbulent world?

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