Lazy’s Ok In Lincoln

On day 13 of our road trip, I give myself permission today to slow down and be lazy in Lincoln, Nebraska with our younger friends Paul/Nicole and their two cats, Shadow and Sam. Working at home for both of them seems to have provided a flexible way to smoothly manage the Corona slowdown in the past few months as they seem to understand proper balance of their work/relax schedule for a healthier life. So I’ve taken the lead to follow their example this weekend and let the stillness of each day on their outdoor porch be my guiding principle as needed.

Our Nebraska visit of this road trip also offers the opportunity to take full outdoor advantage of their home location, which lies alongside a popular green belt with inviting bike trail options. At Nicole’s direction, I thus spent Saturday morning pedaling easily along the greenbelt and through a public park for a few miles with her on a brilliantly sunny morning.

Tonight the fireflies may glow in the dusk and I hope to catch a few in a glass jar. I will a savor a fresh blueberry cobbler and I’m sure there will be plenty of time to play with the cats. I might even catch a glimpse on their porch at the setting sun descending in golden grace below the Lincoln Capitol Tower. How’s that for Corona isolation therapy? Enjoy the pictures.

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