College Excitement On Hold

“I feel like a lot of experiences have been stolen from me” (Anonymous Cornell University senior opinion on Corona adjustment)

On a quiet Sunday morning marking the second day of our road trip visit to Lincoln, Nebraska, I decided to ride around town on my rented bicycle again. For I wished to conclude my tour of this Midwest “college town” with a visit to the University of Nebraska. Stopping periodically at key sites around campus, I realized how Covid-19 has played havoc for those students who desire to embrace the full college experience here. For as the “Big Red” landscape lies silent now, its students scramble to complete Zoom classes on line.

So much of what students learn about life success from college takes place outside the classroom. Picture an aspiring scholar walking to and from class each day along an open “green” feeling inspired to excel amidst these time honored bastions of learning surrounding him/her. Or imagine the spirited festivities leading to a major sporting event or student activity on campus as students congregate in mass and find fun diversion from the stress of high academic pressures. Visualize as well how this “home away from home” for a new freshman fosters self reliance, networking competence and diversity appreciation for the first time. So join me as I present a closeup look at the University of Nebraska in the following photograph display. Maybe one of you might even find good reason here to send a member of your family to this prestigious institution.

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