Steamboat Summer Sparkle

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” (Charles Bowden)

Anytime Ruth and I take a road trip through the Rocky Mountain region, we prioritize heading to the small western town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Touted by many as a popular resort for the younger, skiing/hiking crowd amidst its picturesque mountainous setting and eco- friendly persona, our personal connection to Steamboat goes much deeper. For the Steamboat experience often evokes for us as a much needed opportunity for peaceful repose and rejuvenation from the stressful realities of urban life back east.

Because of the Covid-19 scare, Steamboat seems to be a particularly important stop on our mid- June road trip this year. For summertime’s flourish here now offers us a safe, welcoming outdoor experience on this Colorado leg of our sometimes risky road trip. So in proper social distancing manner, we wear our mask when the occasion arises and we typically observe others we encounter doing the same. While choosing to frequent less crowded hiking trails, we savor the opportunity to meet dogs more than people. Or by finding a park bench or a cafe patio to enjoy our meals, we stay healthily distant from any crowded social situations. So settle into a healthy slice of this year’s Steamboat Summer Sparkle in the following photographic display.

On Tuesday morning, we left Fort Collins, Colorado, traveling due west, for a leisurely, seven hour drive to Steamboat. As you can tell in the photographs below, the Rocky Mountain, summertime scenery captivated our attention along this narrowly winding road.

After settling into the rustic Steamboat Mountain Lodge, on Wednesday morning we embarked on an energizing hike through colorful meadows, dense forest, and a soothing stream along the Spring Creek Trail.

Continuing Wednesday afternoon to Steamboat State Park, twenty miles north of town for a relaxing excursion, I observed the magically visual combination of mountain meets water at the park marina.

Our  Thursday morning slowdown combined a breakfast splurge with a “window shopping” stroll through scenic “0ld Town.”


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