Mobile Messaging Abounds

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to move forward, and savoring the journey.“(Roy T. Bennett).                                                                                  

 Excitement builds again for Ruth and I as we anticipate embarking in the coming weeks on our latest American road trip cross- country from South Florida to California. So as we move past 2020s disturbing era of “Breaking News” turbulence, it seems vital for us to spread restorative signs of optimism on our upcoming adventure. If you have read my blog in the past, you probably know already that these two seasoned travelers often become inspired by unexpected present moments encountered via specific sensory impressions  along the way.  For this particular blog, then, allow me to illustrate more clearly what I mean as a “kick start ” boost of enthusiasm for the coming year(s). Thus observe in the following travel photographs some spontaneous occasions in the past, when a motor vehicle  stood out as a powerful symbolic  impetus for a potential moment of truth to move forward in making  our lives and/or our world a better place now.

On our recent visit to South India, a pink shrouded police vehicle raised vivid reminders that women’s rights now globally remain a major issue of concern. 
Wild West fever in this pickup truck for political election campaigning at Steamboat, Colorado provided hope that pro-Trump  cultish behavior in rural areas across America does not always prevail. 
Along the Pacific Coast Highway from Washington to California, bumper stickers on SUV vehicles revealed an enhanced concern that Americans must protect their  environmentally sensitive lands. 
In downtown Montgomery, Alabama, a passing cargo truck displayed conspicuous advertising that America’s current moral value crisis requires enhanced worship of fundamental religious values. 
Is the peace and love movement of the late 1960s really dead in these politically divisive times? In Bethel, New York where the original Woodstock Festival took place, this psychedelic bus and car provided good reason to say no. 
As this contented dog in Seattle, Washington suggests to us, it’s time to liberate ourselves from our extended Corona confinement. So get out and smell  some fresh, clean air. 
A Paris mini car situated in a tight parking spot suggests that the much cherished dependence on gas guzzling, fossil fuel consumption and waste of natural resources must end to insure that life’s survival on our earth will endure. 
In Los Angeles, California, a tasty taco mural on this truck provided reminders that multiculturalism now thrives amid this country in so many ways. 
A white truck and orange/aqua van in South Florida provides hope that a winning football team provides optimism for better days ahead for loyal home sports enthusiasts. 
 In Morro Bay California, an old time, volunteer fire truck  suggests it’s due time to thank anyone who has unselfishly given their time to serve community needs during this tragic pandemic time.
Th National Guard presence of this “fortified “Humvee” at this hotel parking lot in Asheville, North Carolina bodes well for Americans who worry about the safety of our riot vulnerable cities and the latest attack on the U.S. Capitol. 
As I witnessed this classic roadster slowly cruise around downtown in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I “saw the light” that there are health benefits in taking one’s time in daily life as a positive  learning experience gained from the endless tedium of the Corona lockdown. 
A pair of Portland, Oregon vans imaginatively redesigned as shoes gave notice to me that our creative hobbies have helped to sustain us during these extended times of confinement at home amid the Corona crisis. 
Santa Cruz, California here we come. The surf’s up so jump in and enjoy the spirit of worry- free fun in your life once again. 
This heavy sticker presence of tourist destinations visited on a white van in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will spark much needed opportunities to travel in 2021 as the pandemic comes under control. 


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