Why Take The “Shots” ?

“COVID  is the time for cleansing and introspection.” (Bert McCoy)
I would like to share with you my experience with the Pfizer Corona Vaccine. My wife and I, two healthy individuals who qualify for senior status, are apparently among the lucky ones in South Florida to obtain this injection. For to date, the vaccine distribution in Broward/Dade County has been reported to be plagued by (1)  uncertainty of online signup glitches, (2) hordes of out of state “snowbird” registries (3) long queues  at designated regional sites to obtain the “shot” in mobile fashion and (4) politicization of the vaccine distribution by a Republican Florida governor and legislature. So with respect to my home region heavily populated by  medically challenged retirees of majority Democratic Party status, it’s reasonable to question the adequacy of the current supply vs demand process in the allocation of this valuable vaccine now. 
In retrospect, the timing for us in getting the  injection seemed critical for us with respect to our travel heavy lifestyle. For we needed to complete the Pfizer process as part of our upcoming plans to road trip west prior to our late February departure . For amid the confusion of numerous guidelines among U.S. states  for compliance with current COVID restrictions, the “shots” would at least help us feel better prepared in the event  that state border crossings became a problem. Given I’ve been spending more of my spare time visiting my mother at her independent living facility, it was also felt to be the right time to take the “shots” to lessen the chance that I would contract or spread the virus amid the medically vulnerable populace there. 
So with no apprehension , Ruth and I welcomed the availability of the vaccine on our latest visit to mother last Saturday. My first impression in this regard when I brought her to the injection site that morning seemed  to be the caring atmosphere conveyed by the  medical staff at each table.  For even though Ruth and I were not on the designated list that day to take the vaccine, we were calmly assured  by nurses in the room that there  would be an ample supply of vaccine available if we just waited out the day. In fact, one of them  insisted to me that she saw her job duty as an expedient way to vaccinate as many persons as possible entering the room while her team was present that day. So after patiently waiting six hours for all of the residents of the facility to have opportunities to take this first shot of the entire vaccine process,  we thankfully got the “green light”  to proceed to the vaccination site  for our initial inoculation.
As far as the vaccine itself, the procedure seemed painless and routine. For we filled  out the registration papers for the scheduled injections in less than five minutes, and were also assured that any post injection reactions would be monitored in a  thirty minute wait period at a designated room after the “shot” was administered. In fact, we enjoyed cheering up the advanced elderly crowd with our youthful vigor, sitting amid them then. Other than  feeling a slight stiffness in my arm for less than  twenty four hours after the procedure, I felt good as new and proud that I’ve done my duty to enhance my immune system needs at this critical time.
So I urge anyone who qualifies for this first wave of Corona inoculation to reflect deeply about your own situation and others you might encounter. At the very minimum, do  not let fear, cynicism, and distrust stop you from getting the “shot.” For America desperately needs to move beyond destructive Corona uncertainty toward a revitalized sense of normality in the coming year. Stay well. USFMAN 


15 thoughts on “Why Take The “Shots” ?

  1. You have to be very persistent and hope you get lucky in securing a vaccine it seems. Look for places that are giving out unused doses at the end of their distribution cycle.


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