Truthful Trust In Progress

“ If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” (Barack Obama)                                                                                                

Jason seemed to be a relatively untroubled Georgia resident who enjoyed his unglamorous daily routine in the quiet suburbs of Atlanta. After all, he took great pride in working hard to support his wife working construction on his day job around town while “winding down” in his home at night to enjoy a few beers, maybe a cigar or two, and a local sports event on TV. Why then would such a sensible man savoring his normal life of simple contentment fall for a robocall, telemarketing  ad of such suspicious intent?  Yet as Jason listened several times during this call that he should consider purchasing a beachfront bungalow paradise offshore of the Florida Keys, this offer seemed too enticing to pass up for himself and his wife on that otherwise forgettable night. For he envisioned a new  “American Dream” then of carefree comfort with his fishing rod in hand along shady palm trees overlooking blissful aqua waters. The reality of course would later surface that  no housing actually existed on this swampy atoll infested by hordes of mosquitos, poor mainland access, and little actual solid land.      

Facing pressure to commit to this false deal on the phone, Jason never saw the fraud that was coming. For after failing to check out the company’s credentials, ask timely questions, or visit the property itself, he would impulsively commit to a falsified contract during a follow up call that night requiring him to wire over thousands of dollars in deposit to this fake business. It seemed no surprise then that these untruth perpetrators would quickly vanish with his deposit money without later delivery of the property promised to be rendered. Their intent to spread lies  in lieu of truth would regrettably  go unpunished as Jason came to realize he became a victim of this horrible scam. 

On a larger scale, then, the blatant culture of person-to-person dishonesty displayed in the above example suggests that there will likely be many more victims as Jason who will similarly “fall for” similar ploys of  false lies and deception. Will slick talking, conspiracy “nuts” again incite riotous mobs to attack our “Nation’s Capital” in violent coup fashion? What if tattoo bands and other body decorations heavily marketed as status symbols to buyers, intensify calls for racist/ xenophobic hysteria? How could divisive calls of false evil about  life and death matters also be employed  during  religious sermons in the name of a “supreme being”? Might a future demagogue’s call to defy existing COVID restrictions as well, only intensify the spread  of the pandemic? 

Yet there seems to be plenty of optimism in this country now to counteract these ominous forecasts above.  For as our newly elected President/ Vice President assume the torch of office in 2021, they promise a new commitment to spread truthful discourse with both friend and foe. Witness then their latest press release and social media postings as a true test of their efforts which must educate the masses to trust  integrity rather than “spin” propaganda theories for divisive political gain. In addition, know that as a new generation of children  becomes more receptive to such leadership models that respect proof of fact, then they will more likely become  better prepared to assume their rights /responsibilities as adults in the future.  Witness the influencing potential of the  private sector, as well.  For in rejection of our past President’s propensity to spread blame filled lies, they must commit to a a new paradigm of moral values where  “business as usual” deal-making  means fairness in the treatment of others amid open presentation of facts. Clearly, there’s a great deal at stake as we transition into a new era where trust sparks truth. So let us all be “in.” 

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  1. I’m in! I’m very excited for the future of America, where our new leaders have a plan and our health experts are telling us the truth. And Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki is terrific. What a pleasure to be devoid of fake news! I do still fear the rumblings on the right, however. Fox News is back to spreading lies again, and there are GOP members in congress who still hold steadfast to Trump’s foolishness.I hope both parties soon start acting like they care about this nation again.
    I know there are still some very angry Trump voters in my condo community walking about unmasked and spouting 45’s lies and ridiculous rhetoric. I suppose Stubborn Ignorance is difficult to squash. In time I hope they see how utterly ridiculous he was/is and will wake up to reality once again.

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