Road-Trip Runway Show (Pt. 1)

“I can speak to my soul only when the two of us are off exploring deserts, or cities, or mountains or roads.” (Paulo Coelho)

I’ve checked in with the road-trip “gods” again and am excited that Ruth and I have gained clearance to “take off” on our next U.S. road trip travels beginning, Saturday,  February 27. Yes, we’ve obtained their wise consent for us to head westward on schedule in spite of the lingering dangers of the Corona pandemic. For we’ve convinced them that because we have assertively managed to receive both doses of the Pfizer“shot”,we’ve lowered our risk considerably to catch or spread COVID during this vacation. Yet they’ve informed us in very definitive terms, that it would be morally responsible of us to think equally about others at potential risk and thus continue our mask use and social distancing practices that are currently in place. So we plan to stay in touch with these higher authorities periodically on this vacation to gain additional insights for adapting to those crowded urban centers or live entertainment /sporting events along the way.

We also realize that the currently frigid weather trends covering much of the country will become an additional factor to consider as we prepare to “lift off” on our latest highway adventure. For it seems prudent for us to follow a more southerly path and avoid patches of higher elevation for the first leg of our adventure for sure. We’ve also prioritized pre-booking our lodging accommodations at our landing destinations more than usual, particularly at those motel “way-stations”that offer more lenient, room cancellation policies in cases of last minute routing change. Please refer to our intended clockwise motor path by noting the blue circles on the U.S map displayed above. My next blog will elaborate our intended routing corridors on this road trip in greater detail.

Who might these “road trip gods” be then that I will so dutifully listen to in the course of this adventure? That would be Ruth and I of course. For we feel fully confident to make the right decisions in staying safe, healthy, and emotionally energized during the course of this two month vacation. So wherever you are today, I invite you to escape from any winter woes and join us in celebrating our relentless road trip pursuit of those positive California vibes in the following “Oldies” song during the weeks ahead.

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