Road-Trip Runway Show (Pt.2)

“The road is there. It will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it.” (Chris Humphrey).

Ruth and I feel fortunate that we have been able to continue our travels through long distance road tripping amid the ongoing threat of the Corona pandemic. What about you? Do you similarly aspire to drive freely amid America’s wide open spaces west of the Mississippi River? How might a road trip west (or for that matter anywhere else in this country) help you reconnect with yourself or distant friends/family? What “quality” learning experiences might you be desiring to experience anew in “hitting the road” again to see this country? 

Might I then be of assistance to you in providing some suggestions of future journeying interest? If so, may I invite you to take a look then some road trip goals that Ruth and I are planning to accomplish during our upcoming, eight week journey.

1. Check out the the High Museum of Art/History Center in Atlanta, Georgia as well as spend quality time there with some close friends.

2. In the great Mississippi River town of Memphis, Tennessee, visit  “Elvis Town” for a bit of blues music in the historic Beale Street corridor.              

4. Drive the historic car route west  along the I-40 corridor combined with a brief stop at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma.

5. Hike amid the wave-like dunes of New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument.

6. Enjoy the return of Major League Baseball in 2021 by attending a Spring Training game or two in the Phoenix, Arizona vicinity.

7. Feel the mystical presence of Saguaro cactus fields near Tucson, Arizona.

8. Hike nearby the famed red rock cliffs of Sedona, Arizona and experience the positive effect of vortex energy.

9. Gaze with wonder at eons of rock layered time at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona.

10. Walk along the River Narrows pathways amid the snow capped canyons of Zion National Park in southern Utah.

11. Find two economical tickets to see a live nightly show or two along the famed “strip” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

12. Share two weeks of fun with several friends of ours who live in California beachside settings as we make our way north along State Highway 1/101 through busy Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco Bay vicinities.

13. Experience wild nature’s bliss in a Pacific coastal setting, at Morro Rock and Harmony Headlands/Montana de Oro State Parks in Central Coast, California.

14. Enjoy the the Bay Area panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge and curiously walk amid the intriguing sights, smells, and sounds of downtown San Francisco, California again.

15. Feel the pioneer spirit of explorers Lewis and Clark by driving the scenic highway along the Columbia River gorge along the northerly border of Oregon. 

16. Complete accessible hiking routes nearby Jenny/Jackson Lake watersheds at Grand Teton National Park in Northern Wyoming.

17. Access the eastern portion of Rocky Mountain National Park to conduct day hikes from Lyons Colorado.

18. Enjoy the seasonal awakening of springtime from our motel window overlooking a verdant valley setting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

19. Relive youthful times of aimless shopping, biking and walking encounters by visiting our past neighbor in Lincoln, Nebraska.

20. Find historic memorabilia at the Bob Feller Baseball Museum in Van Meter, Iowa.

21. Obtain an affordable ticket to attend a New York Yankees/ Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball game at Progressive Ballpark, in my childhood home of Cleveland, Ohio.

22. Drive slowly through the rustic Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Virginia and North Carolina.

23. Experience a breath of southern antebellum air along the riverfront district and city squares in historic Savannah Georgia.

*By the way, I’ve discovered two wonderful travel apps called “inRoute” and “Roadtrippers” that enable me to download the itinerary of  our projected road trip with impressive visual clarity. So check out two maps of our upcoming adventure that I’ve created from each of them in the photos below.

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